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Hi my name is Jay J. farlee. I am the Owner, of The Bike Pedlar in Omaha Nebraska. Although Southern Arizona is my second home.

you may ask why? They all left me in Omaha. My Mom lives in Green valley, and my older brother lives in Tucson.

I have opened another Bike Pedlar location in my Mom’s garage. No kidding, a full bay, and no drop ship fee’s. i am kicking Mom out in a month? I will enjoy your warmth, for the Holiday Season.

Riding my brothers Classic Fuji 1980s MTB. I am on facebook, but not, for long. I am going to use hurtful words, like Old Glory, Freedom, Constitution, Etc. I ‘m sure I will get kicked off.

Have a great day, Jay.

OOoooPs, I forgot, I use your product, on Squeaky Disk Brakes.

Hi Squeal Out,

I’m a fan!  I’m the Sales Manager for Tern Bicycles.  This past Saturday I was at an event at The Cyclist in Costa Mesa, CA.

I test rode one of our demo bikes and the disc brakes had that annoying squeal.  One of the mechanics handed my a little jar of Squeal Out.  Applied and and boom…..squeal out!

Best regards,
Dale Aguas   Tern Bicycles



Got the tub of Squeal Out last week and finally got around to applying it tonight.

The product works as advertised, I’m very pleased.

Keep up the good work.  I’ll be sure to pass on the good word.

Allen Liu

I’ve been riding a mountain bike for a little over 3 years and have bought more expensive brakes hoping to fix a loud painful chatter on my back brakes. The squeal has always been there after a long ride but the chatter makes me not even wanna ride sometimes.

I’ve always thought since I am a big guy that this was the problem. I was very anxious to try it out because it claimed it would fix all my brake problems and usually stuff just usually don’t work 100 percent the way it claims.

I used Squeal Out and I’m amazed to find out it 100 percent fixed the squeal and the chatter which was really shaking my whole bike.
I never reply to a product but its the least I could do since it fixed my brakes.

This stuff is worth every penny!!!!!!!

Thank you so much I am very grateful Marc.
Jason Sparks

I have Elixir R brakes on a new Giant Carbon 29r.  They started to squeal on the first ride.  I ordered your product right away.  While I awaited delivery, I sanded the pads and cleaned them with alcohol.  I also scoured the rotor and carefully aligned the caliper.  The squealing stopped.  I religiously clean the rotors after every ride and spray alcohol in the caliper and pad area, blow with air and I have had no squeal for the past 2 months. Then, I missed cleaning the rotor/pads after one ride and the squeal came back.  I did my normal cleaning and sanding and I could NOT get rid of the squeal.  I then reached for my Squeal Out, which had been unused until now. I followed the instructions on the side of the container and now have ZERO squeal.  What a relief.  So simple and perfectly effective. Thank you a thousand times. Tom White Michigan

The inner tube wrap on the brake side chain stay worked under most conditions but after some dusty riding, it came back bad.

Marc (PV Bikeworks) sent me a  tiny sample of Squeal Out and 5 minutes later, it made the brakes completely silent like new!

It lasted about 10 dusty rides so I’m ordering a jar….I can’t stand the turkey gobble and this has been the only thing to reliably stop it.

Marc seems like a good guy and his stuff is definitely worth a try.

(I hope this doesn’t sound like an ad; I’m just a very pleased user with no affiliation to Marc)


Hey I really like your video.

I have a large fleet of hydraulic brake equipped bicycles I’m responsible for and this product really does work.

Thanks for the visual instructions and keep up the good work. Good touch with the demonstration of the before and after squealing of the brakes on the bicycle.

I’m taking a chance a purchasing a jar. I work for a Police Department as a bicycle mechanic and our training fleet has a serious problem with hydraulic squeal. I hope it works.

•    I just tried this product on my bike two weeks ago. Brakes used to squeal bad. After two weeks of riding through dusty, rocky and wet conditions; still no squeal. This product really works.

Thanks Mark!!!!!


I have always had a problem with my brakes squealing and it bugged me so bad, I put this stuff on and have not had a problem since, and I ride downhill and have all of the braking power back, thanks for a great product, I really recommend it.

Jeff K

A unique situation that exists in Prescott Valley, AZ. Riding on the alee side of the ridge, there’s a clay based, but dusty soil. On the windward side there’s a dry, powdery soil.

The combination of these on riders rotors led to a squealing and chattering that Marc  was only able to solve by replacing rotors AND pads for his customers after almost every ride.

Squeal Out was designed to remove these contaminants from rotors and allow riders and shops an economical solution to an age-old problem.

If You Only Look at One Thing: The instructions that are listed on the page of http:www.squealout.com/instructions.

I used this product over the winter to remove the road salt and contaminants from my Civia Hyland. The first time I did this I failed to accurately follow the instructions and did not get the results I was hoping for.

Reading and following the instructions accurately made a world of difference.

What can I say; some days I’m smarter than others.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about Squeal Out, please contact me by email Tyler Denniston MTB and CX Product Manager tdennist@qbp.com



Love this stuff… I’ve been riding for ten years and I’ve known Marc for probably 9 of them.

He’s always treated me fair, knows his stuff and always steers me towards products that work well.

I’ve used Squealout on about 4 or 5 different bikes now, And no matter what the issue, humming, squealing, chatter or vibration, this stuff always takes care of it.

I may need to re-apply again after 2 or 3 months or so, but it’s easy and takes about 5-10 minutes for the whole process.

Well worth it for noise free, smooth feeling brakes.

Thanks Marc!!

Tom W.

I love my Jamis bike and have had problems with my brakes for a while. Finally, I brought my bike to Marc at his shop. HE INTRODUCED ME TO SQUEEEALL OUT! THIS PRODUCT HAS TAKEN MY HEADACHE AWAY AND WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYBODY. Timothy Drane

“This stuff is absolutely amazing!”

I’ve been to Marc’s shop several times with squealing disc brakes problems before this new product came out.

The problems drove me crazy. First I would change out the pads – squealing continued.

Then I would change out the rotors – squealing continued.

Finally, just recently, Marc introduced me to this product. I bought a jar of Squeal Out and followed the directions to a tee.

The directions are so simple to follow.

No more squealing brakes! Plus, this 3 oz. jar will go a long, long way! I’ve never seen any product like this out on the market.

Thank you Marc!