It takes less time than a flat repair to use Squeal Out and can yield a shop a $10.00 to $15.00 labor charge per brake treated possibly saving the customer the cost of a new rotor, pads and labor charge to boot.

Here’s why, in the past when I got a squealing bike that I sold, back in my shop for warranty work it usually went something like this.

I would install new pads, cost ($20.00 to $25.00 for pads plus my time) with no effect most of the time. Next, all sorts of cleaning with no results, then a $39.00 rotor with results, sometimes, but not always. When that didn’t work it would be a phone call to the manufacturer and time spent waiting on the phone.

Usually they would offer some different pads and also a rotor, I’d wait for them to arrive and hold up the customer for a few more days.

Again many times they didn’t help and I’m out my money invested and out my time, cost my customer time, plus money wasted from the manufacturer with no results. Next thing to do is replace the whole brake set and guess who gets to pay for that?

Many times I will get squeal on a brand new brake install right off the bat on the first test ride, just like the bike in my video. It’s common with many brake sets out there, as you will see in my video, it’s quick and very easy to use Squeal Out I as a mechanic could not imagine anyone finding it to be a difficult process.

This product has saved my shop a ton of frustrating time spent on a problem that no one else has addressed till now. Bear in mind it is the bike shop burden to fix under warranty any squealing brake on a bike they sold or are trying to sell.

With Squeal Out I don’t have to hold my customers up waiting for a rotor or set of pads to come in, or face the embarrassment of telling them that the new $300.00 brake set I just installed on their bike squeals and hums like a crazy Turkey!

In the last three years I have not had to deal with one disc brake warranty call to a manufacturer and I have not had to give multiple disc pad’s  and rotors out for free. I have spent hours losing money with this problem in the past. So this is another perspective of what this product can really do for a shop and how much time and money it will save a shop.

A 3 oz jar will treat the front and rear brakes of approximately 10 or more bikes. So your profit margin is wonderful, just like the smiles your customers will have on their faces.

I have put a lot of time into this product and really want to share it with all my fellow riders and mechanics. I promise once you try Squeal Out you will realize that you would be miserable without it.

Sincerely, Marc