The fix for Squealing Disc Brakes.

Now that is a subject to talk about. It seems we are always told buy pads or buy a new rotor or both.

With cars, it’s turn your rotors and buy new pads, or put this goop on the back of your pads to help treat the squeal sometimes caused from the back of the pad rubbing on the face of the piston or the static side of the caliper.

I have used the goop and the stick on brake shims for cars and never had the squeal go away and ended up turning the rotors and replacing the pads anyway.  For motorcycles it’s new rotors and new pads.

You can have a ton of pad left and nice smooth rotors, but you are still told that everything has to be replaced. With bicycles it’s the same thing but bicycle brakes sometimes like to squeal right off the bat brand new.

I have read many reasons why disc brakes start to squeal chatter and hum and I do agree with most of them, however on a bicycle I do not agree that you have to change the pads or the rotors anymore. Not since the creation of Squeal Out Disc Brake Treatment.

Squeal Out Disc Brake Treatment stops disc brake squeal on bicycles ! No more replacing good pads or rotors, no more dealing with brand new pads and rotors that squeal for no apparent reason.

Simply apply Squeal Out Paste and bingo ! no more squeal.

Yes you do have to follow the instructions on the jar but they are very simple.

I have used this product in my bicycle shop for over 3 years and it has eliminate the squeal on every single bike ! a 100% fix rate and I have treated a lot of bikes in 3 years. It’s nothing shy of a miracle !

This is an age old problem that you don’t have to suffer with anymore not to mention all the money you will save.

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