Squeal Out, Disc Brake Anti Squeal Treatment


1.Stir up paste. Apply a small amount of paste to both sides of the rotor.


2. Treat one brake rotor at a time so you will have full braking power with the other brake that is untreated. Apply the paste on both sides of the rotor sparingly.


Note: excess paste is not needed..


3. DO NOT ride the bike, because you will lose up to 80% of your braking power after applying “Squeal-out”. Push the bike, while applying your brakes, ON and OFF, several times, in order to evenly coat the brake pad faces with the paste.


Then, push your bike for about 30 yards, while dragging the brakes, occasionally letting off of your brakes every few seconds. Apply pressure on your bike seat while you are dragging your brakes.


Then push your bike for an additional 30 yards. This time, try dragging your brakes the entire way. If you choose to ride the bike during this process do so at your own risk.


4. NOW, remove the wheel that has been treated and with a clean rag wipe off all the left over paste from the rotor and the face of the pads . Be sure to clean the paste out from the rotor holes too. Next, spray some “Household brand” Isopropyl alcohol on the ROTOR & PADS VIGOROUSLY.


Wipe off excess “Squeal-out” paste from the rotor and Pads. Run a rag between the pads to help clean them. Repeat if necessary.


5. Re-install your bike wheel and test your brakes for proper power. Perform the brake test ONLY ON A SAFE AND LEVEL ENVIRONMENT, WITH NO OBSTACLES, OR INCLINES.


Riding your bike and “dragging” your brakes for a few hundred yards or more, and several hard stops will assist in restoring your brake systems FULL power. NOTE: You will also have a FULLY functional brake left on your bike, that you have not treated with “Squeal-out”.


DO NOT resume “AGGRESSIVE” riding habits of your bicycle until FULL braking power has returned.


6. If braking power still feels weak, repeat steps 4 and 5 until full brake power has returned.


Now you are ready to treat the remaining rotor, carefully following the same directions as applied to the first rotor.


If over time paste dries up in the jar add a few drops of water to re-hydrate.


WARNING: Failure to follow these detailed instructions, may result in Serious injury or death.